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Lithuanian adj : of or relating to or characteristic of Lithuania or its people or language


1 a native or inhabitant of Lithuania
2 the official language of Lithuania; belongs to the Baltic branch of Indo European

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  1. Referring to or coming from Lithuania.


referring to Lithuania

Proper noun

  1. The main language of Lithuania.


  • Catalan: lituà
  • Chinese: 立陶宛语 (Lìtáowǎn yǔ)
  • Czech: litevština
  • Danish: litauisk
  • Dutch: Litouws
  • Estonian: leedu keel
  • Finnish: liettua kieli
  • French: lithuanien/lituanien
  • German: Litauisch
  • Greek: λιθουανικά (lithouaniká)
  • Indonesian: bahasa Lithuania
  • Japanese: リトアニア語 (ritoania-go)
  • Latvian: lietuviešu valoda
  • Lithuanian: lietuvių kalba
  • Polish: język litewski, litewski
  • Romanian: limba lituaniană
  • Russian: литовский язык
  • Slovene: litovščina


  1. A person living in or coming from Lithuania.


person from Lithuania

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